Experts by industry. Partners in growth.

What does Truist Securities bring to the table? A complete corporate and investment banking experience, focused entirely on your vision. We represent 125 years of combined history and service, relentlessly pursuing our highest priority —the success of our clients.

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Michael Carter (00:06):

What is business as usual? That's a great question.

Jason Cagle (00:09):

It used to be that you could imagine tomorrow and do a long-term plan and put it on the shelf. Now, you got to think about it in an agile fashion all the time and constantly reevaluate.

Kathleen Farrell (00:20):

One of our values at Truist is to act as one team, operate as one team for our client. And we're able to bring broader perspectives, deeper insights, more solutions. And that really allows for growth.

Michael Carter (01:00):

The human spirit has an amazing ability to adapt. And no matter how tall the mountain is, we keep climbing it.

Jason Cagle (01:11):

This is the new normal. So the business owners we see that are the most successful are the ones who are leaning in and looking towards the future.



Across almost every industry, we’re here to help you complete successful transactions to fulfill your short- and long-term strategic objectives.

Our leadership

Our senior leadership team shares a deep commitment to providing our clients with distinctive value and outstanding results. We’re focused on placing your needs and goals at the core of everything we do.

Our approach

Our extensive sector and product experts work relentlessly as one team to best position our clients to achieve long-term success. We believe in the power of what we can achieve together.


Begin your professional career with a foundation built on better. We're always interestd in talking with talented candidates, whether you're a recent college graduate or seasoned industry professional.